Wynlakes GCC

Dress Code & Course Rules

All Players, While on the Course, Must Wear Appropriate Attire
  • Collared shirts with sleeves
  • Golf or soft-soled shoes with non-metal spikes
  • Shorts must be Bermuda length
  • Denim blue jeans or shorts are not permitted

  • Golf or soft-soled shoes with non-metal spikes
  • Shorts must be Bermuda length
  • Denim blue jeans, shorts are not permitted

1.) Play is restricted to:

  • Members
  • Member-accompanied guests
  • Guests with a current card of admission
  • Those players in special events or by special invitation of club management
  • Designated Wynlakes Golf and Country Club Employees


2) Guests:

  • A member may invite up to seven guests (two foursomes) at any time. If a member has more than seven guests prior arrangements must be made with the golf staff and the Club's outing rules will take effect.
  • All guests should be accompanied by a member. In the event the member cannot accompany his guests prior arrangements must be made with the golf staff. A card of admission will be issued and those unaccompanied guests will be subject to unaccompanied guest rules and regulations. The sponsoring member will be responsible for all actions of the guests.


3) Guest Frequency:

  • In-town guests will be permitted once per quarter regardless of the host.
  • Out-of-town guests will be permitted three times per quarter regardless of the host.
  • Those guests participating in Club tournaments and events will be the only exceptions to this rule.


4.) Rules Enforcement
  • To ensure maximum enjoyment and use of the course by all members and guests, the Golf Professional staff will make and enforce such rules as may be necessary for the scheduling of play. Because of special functions, conditions, or situations, any and all rules are subject to change by the Golf Professional.
  • Members who violate Club rules are subject to fine, suspension, or termination from the Club.


5.) Members and guests may walk and carry their own clubs as long as they keep up with the 4 hour 30 minute round rule. Walkers not keeping this pace of play will be required to ride. Pull carts are permitted on the fields Tuesday through Friday only. Pull carts are not permitted on the course on weekends, holidays, tournaments, or other peak periods of play as determined by the Golf Staff. Pull carts are not to be pulled across greens, collars, tees, tee banks, green banks and must not travel closer to the green than the get cart markers. Fines, suspension of pull cart privileges and further disciplinary action will be levied against all violators. This rule will be subject to change as frequency of play changes.
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